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In the Wisp of Time is a game I created for the Let's Create Game Jam #1 - 30 Second Quest game jam.


In this little gem you have to save Wisp Island from the Ghouls and Mechanical Turrets! They have taken over the island and put out the Wisps tower flames! The flames are their life force. You need to re-light the tower flames to save the island. You will gain the ability to stop time as you play. Just like Superhot, time will only move when you move in certain areas of the game! Help save Wisp Island!


Movement: 'WASD' or Left analogue stick

Look Around: Mouse or Right analogue stick

Shoot: Mouse left button or Right trigger

Jump: Spacebar or A button

Pick Up Objects: 'E' key or X button

Quit/Pause Menu: 'Esc' key

Future Development Intended:

The ability to 'rewind' time and objects, as well as more levels and a fully fleshed out story will be coming soon, in future builds of course! :)

Software used:

+ Game Engine - Unity3D

+ Modelling - blender

+ Textures and UI Elements - Inkscape

+ Sound Effects and Audio - made with Bfxr and/or edited using Audacity.

Everything you see in game was done by yours truly! And I am proud of that :D

Known Issues:

- There is an issue sometimes, upon being shot, the game hangs for a bit on the 'You Died' screen, but if you press 'Esc' and wait a few seconds, it seems to return you to your previous spawn point. 

- There also seems to be some inconsistency in the jumping mechanic from user feedback.

I did not have time to fully play test it since I started development about 10 days into the jam sooooooo...Please forgive any bugs! Please do report any and every bug you find since I want to continue to develop this game! All feedback is much appreciated :) 

Install instructions

Download the zip file, extract and run the .exe file to enjoy! 

I built the game out at a resolution of 1920x1080, so when running the .exe, choose the largest available screen resolution that the Unity player will allow. By unchecking 'windowed' more screen resolutions will become available for better results.


InTheWispOfTime1.03 - FixedMouseSensitivity.zip 45 MB
InTheWispOfTime - Fixed Jump.zip 45 MB
InTheWispOfTimeBuild.zip 43 MB

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