A downloadable game for Windows

The GOAT has been trapped in a temple for a long time! It is your adventurous job to find it and get it! Look out for Mummies!

Use your grappling hook to traverse to upper levels and swing over spikes and swing your lantern to burn the mummies in your way. Sometimes it might be wiser to use the environment to hide in front of or behind objects. The choice is yours!

Credits: Pier-Olivier Boivin, Vinay Dhill, Joshua Haag, Rashad Mohammed and Mason Rancourt.

Additional help: Stephanie Cardoso and Matt Beckett.

Use an xbox 360 controller, preferably, but you can play with the keyboard. WASD to move, mouse clicks to grapple and hide and SHIFT to attack.



AlabamaStonesAndTheGobletofGoat.zip 22 MB